Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nature Art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

I always love introducing young artists to Andy Goldsworthy! Because we are lucky enough to live in such a beautiful location, Goldsworthy's work resonates with many of us. After viewing examples of Goldworthy's natural creations, we headed outside to gather and construct.  In just a short amount of work time, students came up with some beautiful collaborative pieces of nature art.

Our study of Andy Goldsworthy ties in with our up-and-coming Artist-in-Residence, stone artist Thea Alvin. This fall, Thea will join us to work with students to build a rock wall installation around the front of our school. Click here to see more of Thea Alvin's work.

Here is a short video of Andy Goldsworthy's Art in Nature. 

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