Monday, January 27, 2014

Ugly Dolls!

Fifth and sixth grade artists are making Ugly dolls! We started by making paper Ugly Doll monsters.  Notice that most of these Ugly dolls are symmetrical. Our next step is to make the Ugly Dolls out of felt. Stay tuned! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Matisse's Shapes by grades 1&2

First and second graders looked at examples of Henri Matisse's cut paper collages. We compared the organic shapes seen in these collages to the geometric shapes in Paul Klee's Castle and Sun painting. Artists used their scissors to draw organic shapes on colored paper, then they glued the shaped onto string to create hanging shape mobiles.

We also explored the iPad app ArtDoodles, which has a Henri Matisse-inspired collage-maker. Check out some of the collages students made using this fun app!

Out of this World with Peter Max

Fifth and sixth grade artists worked in groups to create original large-scale paintings based on the work of artist Peter Max. Max's work is characterized by cosmic themes, psychedelic colors and patterns and celebration of the Earth. Each group's painting reflects at least five elements of Peter Max's style. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Art... It's a whole brainer!

Why is art important in education?
Are these qualities we wish to teach our children?  

Kindergarten Snow Mural

Kindergarten artists read "Straight to the Pole," by Kevin O'Malley, a story about a little boy lost in the snow... or is he?

The worked together using tempera paint to create a snow mural.  As always, we practice social skills such as cooperation and sharing in addition to building our art skills. 

Hopefully this snow art will inspire our Vermont weather to shape up and bring us some winter fun!