Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Animal personification by grades one and two

First and second grade artists learned about Personification,  when an animal or an inanimate object takes on human characteristics.  We looked at examples in art of animal personification, then students drew animals that were personified.
William Wegman's personified Weimaraners 

Dogs playing poker by C.M. Coolidge 

The White Rabbit from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland 

Hamilton the dog snowboarding

A cheetah jumping into a foam pit

Ducky skiing 

Owl skiing

Giraffe admiring itself and getting ready for the red carpet

Stephanie the dog surfing 

Owl at work drinking coffee

Mouse delivering mail on a bike 

Owl wearing underwear and drinking a baby bottle 

Skunk dancing in the spotlight 

Cat doing a workout at a gym

Dog doing exercise outside 

Bear playing baseball 

Raccoon is stealing money and mouse is the police  

A peacock going to school 
A dog robbing a bank 

Owl eating pizza

Peacock wearing a hat and a skirt because she's going to a party 

A bat and a raccoon eating sandwiches, carrots and chips 

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