Friday, November 2, 2012


Third and fourth grade artists discovered the joy of Zentangles. We created Zentangle landscapes for our Original Works fundraiser. We began the lesson by discussing what Zen means and how we can apply it to our artwork. I hope we can carry this focus and attention to detail with us as we work on other projects. I made photocopies of the Zentangles before we colored them to put in our pattern page drawer for free choice time.


  1. The landscapes show a wonderful variety in their patterns and textures. Great contrast of values as well. I've seen this idea before but wasn't sure it would work with this age group - you've given me hope! Thanks for the inspiration...

  2. This was the perfect age for this project! They really loved it. I have never had a more focused, "Zen" group of third and fourth graders.

  3. very nice idea i have made it in different way more abstract .like very mutch to children...