Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meet Vermont Artists Woody Jackson, Sabra Field, Warren Kimble and Stephen Huneck

I am embarking on a school-wide Vermont Artist unit of study.  We are starting with several very well-known Vermont artists.

 Kindergarteners, First and Second graders are studying Woody Jackson, whose cows became the mascots of Ben and Jerrry's ice cream.

 This video about Woody Jackson features Fayston's own Doug and Kelly Lewis as interviewers.

First and Second graders are also studying Warren Kimble, a folk artist from Brandon, Vermont.  Warren Kimble is known for his "primitive style" animal paintings.  

Learn more about Warren Kimble on his website.  Click here.

Third and Fourth graders are studying Stephen Huneck.  They are all quite familiar with his series of children's books about Sally the Dog.  Huneck is well known for his dog prints and carvings, as well as his Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.  Click here to see a list of Huneck's books. 

See an interview with Stephen Huneck and learn more about the Dog Chapel in this video.

Fifth and sixth graders are studying printmaker Sabra Field.  Sabra Field's iconic images of Vermont's landscape truly capture the natural beauty of our state.  We are specifically looking at how her works captures the different seasons.  

Click here to visit Sabra Field's website. 

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