Monday, March 14, 2011

The Dot by Peter Reynolds

Kindergarten artists read The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  

This is the story of a young artist who is convinced that she can't draw until her teacher has her begin by simply making a mark.  The girl explores making dots in all sizes and colors until she is proud of her artwork and looked up to by other students.  
In our classroom, we have a class expectation that we will never say "I can't."  Sometimes, though, we need a little extra encouragement just to get beyond the "polar bear in a a snowstorm" blank paper stage. The Dot gives young artist the inspiration to get started without fear or scrutiny.  
Kindergarten artists used watercolors on fine watercolor paper to create their original Dot paintings.  I used masking tape to create tape borders on each student's paper, which helped keep the paper need and create a finished-looking composition.  These are absolutely beautiful!  

Click HERE to read an interview with Peter Reynolds about The Dot.  

Isabella and Grady make Dot paintings.

Sarah dressed very appropriately for "Dot Day!"
Our dot paintings

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  1. I love this book.
    Your students did a fantastic job interpreting the book.

    I also did a project based on this book last spring.