Monday, September 20, 2010

Kindergarten Paintings

Kindergarten Artists made paintings on large paper, then told a teacher stories about the paintings. Here are some of their masterpieces:

It's mine and Aidan's houses and this is the ground. -William
Captain Sarah at the Beach. Homes are floating in the water. - Sarah
This is a car that's Rainbow. These are the lights. -Ellie
These are a lot of slides and these are little girls. -Miranda
This is a picture in the summer. The flowers smell yummy! - Zaccari
This is a truck on ice. Me and Isabella are in it. We are going to Alaska. - Grady
This is a picture of a roller coaster. It is a lot of fun. - Zaccari
This is me and Isabella. We are swimming in the ocean. A boat drove us here. - Grady
We are in a truck. We are going to South Africa. We are going to see Aliens in the Space Room! - Isabella
It's an amusement park. There are slides. You can do lots of fun things. -Cecelia
This is Rainbow ground. There are weeds and there are tents with people sleeping in them. - Miranda
This is Will. He is playing with me. We are playing Superhero because we like Superheroes! -Aidan
These are three tulips and me picking them. There is a rainbow under the sky. These are all different kinds of grass. - Delaney
This is a family of flowers and they are resting in the sun and they are growing. The flowers are Baby Snap, Baby Grown, Tulip, Simma (the special one). These are all of the flowers. - Ellie
It is thunder on the beach and there is grass and a little mouse's home. And it's raining. And there's a gigantic drop and a snail. - Cecelia
It's an assembly line making a chair lift. It goes all the way up the ski mountain. - Jack
I am happy picking flowers for my mom. - Willow

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