Monday, January 30, 2012

Ideas for Displaying Children's Artwork

I found this post about Top 5 ideas for displaying kid's artwork.  I was wondering how other art teachers and parents put their children's artwork on display and celebrate their creativity?

I often use small 4'X6" or 5"X7" frames, which often can be found for just a few dollars, to highlight a favorite part of a child's piece of artwork.

I also love the look of having student's work displayed on a clothesline.  So simple to make and easy to change the display!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Warren Kimble, Vermont Folk Artist

First and second grade artists looked at art by Vermont Folk Artist Warren Kimble.  They chose a farm animal to draw and colored with crayons, making sure that the whole picture was covered with a thick, waxy layer of color.  In order to make our pictures look old, like Kimble's, we crumpled them up and painted a black watercolor wash over the whole picture.  I pressed the pictures under many heavy books to get out the wrinkles.  

Fun at Clay Club!

This week clay clubbers made coil pots, dragons and much, much more! 

Happy Chinese New Year- Year of the Dragon!

Third and fourth grade artists read "This Next New Year" by Janet S. Wong and discussed some Chinese New Year traditions.  They then drew Chinese dragons to celebrate the start of the Year of the Dragon.  We used sharpie markers to outline before painting with watercolor paint. 

Pre-K Chinese Brush Painting

Pre-K artists practiced using bamboo paintbrushes to paint in the style of the Chinese Masters.  We practiced basic brush skills on these "very special brushes" that I hope will carry over into all of their painting.  We talked about moving all of the bristles of the brush in one direction at a time and lifting up the brush to change direction.  We practiced changing pressure on the brush to make thin and thick lines.  Pre-K artists painted on long pieces of paper that we displayed to look like Chinese Scrolls.  We talked about common themes of bamboo or flowering trees seen in many Chinese and Japanese paintings.  We also looked at the book "Zen Shorts" by Jon Muth, a beautiful fantasy about a Panda and his friend that shows some examples of brush painting.