Monday, February 10, 2014

Love love love by Kindergarten artists

Here are our heart paintings and prints by kindergarten artists for Valentine's Day. 

Wind paintings and poetry by grades one and two

First and second graders used their breath to paint these beautiful paintings, using straws and liquid watercolor paint.  We started with the primary colors so that we could observe color mixing. Then we experimented with other combinations. They remind me of fireworks, which fits nicely with our Chinese New Year theme. 

After creating two wind paintings apiece, artists wrote poems or observations about their artwork. I posted these alongside the paintings. This was a fun way to bring a bit of the Common Core into the art room and get students talking about their artwork. Their paintings brought to mind so many great images, including gnarled witches fingers, fiery asteroids, moose antlers and rivers. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Cherry blossoms paintings for Chinese New Year

Painting without paintbrushes?!?  First and second grade artists used their breath through straws to create the tree brunches and fingerprints to create the cherry blossoms in these beautiful paintings based on Chinese scrolls. They used liquid watercolor paint for the branches and printed pink and red flowers with tempera using their fingers and cotton swabs.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Andy Warhol Soup Can Group Project

Third and fourth grade artists looked images of Andy Warhol's iconic Cambell's soup can. Each student colored a soup can in his or her own original colors.  Each class chose one soup can picture to use for the whole group project. We cut the original picture into small rectangles,then cut larger rectangles with the same ratio. Each student made one or two pieces for our puzzle, then we put the together to create the whole soup can. Stay tuned for the finished pieces! 

Thanks to Cassie Steven's fabulous art blog for the inspiration for this lesson!